Model Basic MKII

  • The plattter is made of aluminium.
  • The bearing is inverted stainless steel with ceramic ball, teflon and massive bronze sleeve. The stand is made of aluminium or chrome available in different final anodizations. The spikes and other parts are made of chrome, aluminum or plexiglass. Internal wiring is CARDAS wire or pure cooper wire wrapped in cotton. Cartridge clips are made by Cardas. The motor is synchronous made in EU with separate power supply (stabilized external power supply for Basic model MK2). The tonearm is 12 inch unipivot design, made of aluminum. The arm tube is combination of carbon fiber and aluminium, additionally dampened.

  • Antiskating was solved by using silicone oil.

  • Dimensions: width -580mm, depth - 640 mm, height - 340 mm (with tonearm 380mm). The weight for the Basic model is app 55kg, the weight for the Basic MK2 is app 70 kg. Package is in massive wooden case.