Model Frana

  • The base is made of plexiglas. Custom finish is also possible.
  • The plate is made of aluminum (optional plexiglas). Belt driven turntable.
  • The wiring and connections are made by Cardas or pure copper wire wrapped in cotton. The motor is synchronous, made in Europe.
  • Model Frana is equiped with new power supply that is controlled by microprocessor and interface is through touch-screen display. Tonearm is of unipivot type made of carbon fiber (in combination with ceramic balls), aluminium parts and new headshell. Tonearm is specially designed to provide better stability and center of gravity. WTA in fly.
  • The audio output is using a 5-pin Cardas connector. It is possible to mount up to three tonearms. Antiskating is solved by using silicone oil. Bearing is inverted, magnetic, with highly polished chromium shaft.
  • Dimensions: width approximately 660 mm, depth approximately 630 mm, height approximately 370 mm. Turntable are delivered in massive wooden box.